Meet The Artist...

Damaris Niño

Painting, Ceramics, Chalk Art, Installations

Damaris Niño is a Tennessee based artist residing in a southern suburb of Nashville. She received her BFA in 2012 from Middle Tennessee State University, focusing on Painting and minoring in ceramics. Since then Damaris has been dedicating her time to her true passion which is painting creating original compositions and also creating commissions.

She also has dedicated her time to teaching fine arts in different settings whether it is at a school or as private lessons. She has shown her work in several galleries in the Middle Tennessee area and has been published in a few online journals, local magazines and newspapers. From live painting to creating some unique hand painted necklaces, Mrs. Nino finds passion in her work and loves to share it with others.

The genre of art she can be categorized under could be abstract expressionism, some realism, up to street art. Her use of bold colors fill up her canvas, and different brush strokes give the expression or feeling that the artist wants to convey along with the composition.

Lately Damaris has been exploring different mediums such as chalk art and installations. In her original works you will find meaning and intention through each piece.