SHAC’s Teen Volunteer group provides an opportunity for local students to meet others that share their interest in the community.  You don’t need to be an artist to join!!  There are no mandatory commitments to be a SHAC teen volunteer, but here are some of the fun things you will have the opportunity to be a part of each year:

  • Monthly group meetings
  • Volunteer at SHAC events
  • Volunteer at the SHAC booth at community events
  • Design and ride on SHAC float for the Spring Hill Christmas Parade
  • Participate in SHAC productions
  • Make a difference in our community

So far this year, our teen group volunteered at events such as the Recycled Arts Contest, Arts @ Allenbrooke and helped present at a local school’s art festival.  We have several additional exciting events planned!

Interested in joining?   Fill in the information below and someone will contact you shortly! 

Also, request to join the SHAC Teen Volunteer Group on Facebook!

SHAC Teen Volunteer Group:

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