Meet The Artist...

Hattie Weiss

Brooch Creator

At a young age, I was enticed with abandoned houses and ghost stories. As I grew up, the more I became inveigled with the ideas of past lives and history. How did they live? What did they wear? I started watching old horror movies, such as House on Haunted Hill, which led me to older silver screen classics. Ginger Rogers and Hedy Lamarr glittered across their stages. They exuded a form of femininity I had yet to be familiarized with in the modern world. Throughout this time I had been sketching portraits, or designing my own clothing. Naturally, I was inspired by Adrian, I idealized the work of Schiaparelli, and was fascinated by Dali. They proved art did not stop at a canvas—but could be evoked through wardrobe. I developed an allure towards surreal and novelty. I wanted to create, not just recreate, pieces that captured the essence of femininity the way Old Hollywood stars did, while paying tribute to the women of the era that made do and crafted their own jewelry. I hope to remind the world of an elegance lost to today’s rambunctious society. Having two young daughters, I aspire to exalt to young ladies that behind a beautiful face can be a brain full of wisdom, poise, and talent. Such as the ladies I have chosen to create in my brooches. Ironically, I’ve failed just about every fashion design and art class. I was a rebel to the book of art rules that were thrown at me. However, now that I have cultivated my talent and passion, my pieces have made their way to the U.K., Germany, Australia, and New Zealand.