Artist Membership

Join SHAC today and start connecting with other artists in our community.

Spring Hill Arts Center Artist Membership has many privileges! If you are an artist in our community and would like to start connecting with others please consider joining the Spring Hill Arts Center.  Ready to join now? Click the PayPal button on this page to pay your $25 annual membership dues.

So, what are the benefits of being a SHAC member?

  • Participation as a SHAC artist in events such as art shows and performances
  • Your name, contact info and portfolio links will be listed in our ARTIST DIRECTORY on our website
  • Opportunities to teach classes or workshops, with additional perks, such as:
    • Insurance provided by SHAC for events held in our facilities
    • Member receives 80% of fees from classes or workshops that the member facilitates (20% goes to SHAC)
    • If there are ticket sales, the member and SHAC split the proceeds 50/50
      *All events, classes and workshops are subject to approval by the SHAC Board of Directors and must support the mission of SHAC
  • Plus, you will be supporting the local arts!


Pay your membership dues securely via PayPal by clicking the button below.