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Performing Arts

Spring Hill’s first ever arts center, SHAC, is back in business and excited to bring the performing arts to our Spring Hill Community with energy and imagination.

In the performing arts, artists use their bodies, voices, facial expressions and gestures to tell their story and convey artistic expression, as opposed to, for example, purely visual arts, in which artists use paint on a canvas or various other materials to create physical or static art objects.

It’s no secret, being this close to Nashville, that our Music City talents spill over into our growing Spring Hill community.   We are a theatre built by locals who share a love for the art of performing using our bodies and voices to tell wonderful stories.  In community theatre, we have a unique opportunity to not only shape the young performing artists, but also we have the privilege of blending the experienced performing professional with the budding performing artist.  In our little theatre we are able to create a variety of opportunities for performing artists.  At the Spring Hill Arts Center, we have produced and will continue to produce everything from solo performances, workshops, musicals, dramas, and summer camps.  Community theaters have great success when it comes to reaching the average citizen by engaging more people theatrically than any other theatre, including schools.  Community theatres are dedicated to preserving performance as an art form, not creating a social club.  The intent is to grow and develop the artists’ skills as performers, and to expand the imagination.

Everyone has a story to tell, and someone needs to hear it.  Maybe it’s through another character, or maybe it’s your own that just needs a little help getting it out.  Our community theatre is here to guide and direct the artist.  Spring Hill Arts Center teachers and directors are no different.  They aim to bring out the best in each performer, so that their story can be told in a way that will be memorable for them and entertaining for our Spring Hill Community. 

The theater itself brings hope and inspiration to young minds.  The theatre is a place where imagination becomes reality.  And when children perform for other children, anything and everything is possible.  Theatre tells a story in a way that makes an impact and leaves us with memories.  Live theatre makes your favorite characters come to life: so real that you can actually reach out and touch them.  Some studies have learned that live theatre enriches the mind and enhances ones ability to empathize with one another.  In a world of computers, video games, and action films, where life and technology are often too inextricably linked, enrichment and empathy are greatly needed.

 This is an opportunity to expose young minds to the theatre, to grow the impossible, to expand understanding, to increase compassion, and ever enrich the culture of our future.

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