The History of Spring Hill Arts Center

In 1998, Dr. Deanne Collins wanted to encourage the growth of the arts in Spring Hill, TN, so she founded the Spring Hill Art Center. Spring Hill Arts Center, better known as SHAC, was the first non-profit art program in Spring Hill, TN. The first home of SHAC was in the Old Spring Hill High School.  In the past, many volunteers dedicated countless hours to create the foundation for art promotion and awareness in Spring Hill, TN.

Visual artists created a gallery of beautiful artwork and brought paintings and a variety of other artwork to the community through shows. In addition to this, they held educational art classes for both kids and adults in the community.

SHAC quickly grew, offering more classes of the performing and visual arts and produced fine entertainment for locals.

In 2003 the visual and performing arts split into two entities. From that—Old School Theatre was born and continued to produce quality productions and workshops, while the visual side continued under the SHAC name.

The Old School Theatre provided dance classes, which led to the Tennessee Dance Arts Conservatory. They also held acting classes and audition workshops, along with providing excellent performances.

Today the visual and performing arts groups have joined forces again to provide awareness, appreciation and development of the literary, visual, and performing arts in Spring Hill, TN and the surrounding community. It is an honor to have served the Spring Hill, TN community for 20 years and we look forward to adding to our legacy in the years to come.