Meet The Artist...

Teresa Bradley

Drawing, Painting

I have only recently rediscovered art from the artist’s perspective after an almost three-decade hiatus. As a child, I attended a gifted arts program, where I developed a love of the arts and realized a natural talent for drawing. But unlike many teens who find solace in art, I found frustration and stopped drawing. It took a long while for me to realize that I needed to work on allowing the process to be fluid, experimental, and somewhat open-ended.

It’s been a little over a year since I starting creating again, but I can see progress in my skills. I like using mixed media with bold color schemes and graphic enhancements. I usually mix abstract with realism and am very drawn to artwork with feminine subjects or undertones. Many of my pieces feature women’s faces or bodies. However, graffiti and street (mural) art are my favorite of artistic styles and mediums.